Year 5 - My journey as a CMDR

Year 5 - My journey as a CMDR
Life is about the journey, not the destination
- Anonymous

Today marks 5 years since I got my Pilot's Federation license. 5 years since I first got called a Commander. It has been a journey worth looking back at. There has been periods of highs and moments of lows. But there has not been a day when I was not thankful for being a CMDR.

A journey where I spent only a couple of weeks flying aimlessly before being recruited by CMDR BloodDrunk. We took part in the Colonia Initiative and was successfully able to create a sister faction there under my leadership. I worked to organise the INRA Expedition to take CMDRs through the discovered INRA bases with TAOL escorting us. We almost lost our control over Solitude, our system in the Colonia region and we had to scramble over 21000 LY to protect what's ours. It was one of the scariest moments I had.

The First Great Planetary expedition was the most fun I have had in my career which incidentally was among the toughest things I did. Circumnavigating an entire planet on an SRV is a mind blowing thing but I was able to accomplish it in around 6 weeks. I had my first Hutton run at the mark of 3 years in my career. I had always planned to do it but was never able to take out the time for it. After 3 years of getting my license I thought its now or never. And thus I set out!

Right now, I am in a comfortable position. With 2 Elite ranks, posessing an Anaconda, T9 and T10, the corvette and the Clipper along with a Fleet Carrier, I think I did pretty good for myself. Nowadays, my main focus is in managing the BGS of our factions and doing the odd personal journey. I have a long standing wish of arranging another expedition but I have been getting busier and busier over the years.

A recent shot

I hope that the next 5 years would be as great as the past 5. I wonder how things will look then. But they would certainly look differerent, because change is part of the journey.