Reclaiming what is ours

Reclaiming what is ours

It's never a good feeling when you lose something that is rightfully yours, more so when you have earned it with the hard work of like-minded people. Loosing control of Solitude was probably the worst thing to happen to us. And we had to change that as soon as possible.

After lots of discussion, CMDR Jason Wolfe suggested that the best way forward would be straight out undermining Infinity's End Deep Space Company in Solitude. We needed to bring out our big guns. And for me, it meant I needed my Lance of Karma. It took me a couple of days to get my modules for the Fer-de-Lance transferred from Qa'wakana to Solitude. Meanwhile, CMDR Jorer had started out his undermining activities.

Our efforts didn't bear fruit immediately. I realised that there was a need to contact someone from the invading group. I started going through archives looking for something that might point to someone leading this group. Official archives returned no result and I was about to give up when suddenly I struck gold. A certain person going by the handle Spidey dmd had made an off hand reference to leading a group called Infinity's End Deep Space Company in an ongoing discussion. We cross referenced the name to all known channels of communication and to my surprise CMDR Jorer found out that he was a leader to a faction the Knights of Karma were already allied with, the Celestial Light Brigade.

I opened up a channel of communication with him. The conversation with him was pretty brief. The Infinity's End Deep Space Company never intended to take control of anybodies home system. Their rise to the control of the system was an unintended effect of some of their CMDRs just favouring our system for doing missions. I called for a cease and desist on any activity by any of their CMDRs in Solitude. Frankly, I had thought the Infinity's End Deep Space Company to be the bad guys and I thought they wouldn't comply but they did. In the end, they were just another peaceful group like us and their activities just had the unintended effect of gaining control over our system.

With the communication channels established, we continued our undermining and got results in 2 days. On the 17th of December, 3303, our influenced leapfrogged theirs.

Currently, we have enough influence over Solitude to overthrow Infinity's End Deep Space Company but we are at loggerheads with Radio Sidewinder Galactic in Far Tauri and they are probably preparing for war. We can't ignore that. We have already opened communication channels with Radio Sidewinder Galactic so that we can have a peaceful outcome and proceed with regaining rightful control to what is ours.

We are in for some pretty tumultuous days in here and we hope that when the dust settles, we can have some long peaceful times at Knight's Retreat.

— Post Image by CMDR Robert Trebor