I have done it. I have made the Hutton Run, without breaking a sweat.

The idea to do the Hutton Run now of all times came to me suddenly while I was preparing for my journey to Solitude. One of the reasons for the journey is for me to consolidate my assets and transfer my ships to our newly built shipyards in Knight's Retreat. Then it occurred to me why not do something big in the bubble before leaving. And the one big thing I never did in my 3 years as a CMDR is the Hutton Run.

Honestly I never felt like doing it. I know it is considered as a rite of passage, but I have always stayed away from the peer pressure and did things I wanted to do at my own pace. And so, I decided to do the run when I felt like it.

I had lots of ship options but I decided on my Krait Mk II since its my trusty mission runner. I replaced one of the cargo bays with an extra fuel tank, for good measure, and plotted a course to Alpha Centauri.

Once in system, I turned off all unneeded modules to save fuel and maneuvered towards the direction of Hutton Orbital. Then it was a long wait of 83 minutes.

Docked at Hutton Orbital

I completed the run without any incidents in 1 hour 23 minutes and 54 seconds, bought all the mugs they had and started back towards Qa'wakana for my final preparations.