The year gone by

The year gone by

Time sure flies, and it boosts by when you are enjoying your life. We have had our share of highs and lows but as a group we have accomplished a lot.

Over the past year, lots of things happened. Friends were made, alliances were broken, people were scorned and achievements were had. After the unsuccessful mission in the Dangerous Games where we supported GalCop, we decided to forge our own path in the galaxy. We set up offices in Qa'wakana. We forged alliances with other groups like Iridium Wing and organised training sessions and I got my first taste of blood.

My own.

I knew that I was poor at combat but dying 11 times in an hour was maybe crossing the limit. Everybody flying custom modded killing machines didn't help. Thankfully I had already made a lot of money to pay for the insurance of my ship. But all the while I enjoyed the sessions. I had yet to visit the so-called engineers during that time. I kept my distance from them as I had heard that they were quite demanding and even after all that didn't do a very good sometimes. I used to run the community goals making good money and maybe do some exploration to the nearby sectors.

Then the Colonia Expansion Initiative happened.

The governing body of the Colonia system, some 23 thousand light years away from the bubble formed around the space port Jaques, decided to launch the initiative to give commanders a chance to leave the chaos and bickering of the bubble systems. We put forward our name for a faction in Colonia, the Knights of Colonial Karma. We hauled Galactic Travel Guides all the way to Colonia for 3 months before winning in the month of March in year 3303.

It was during this period, on the 11th of December, 3302, that I was promoted to a Grand Master by CMDR Blood Drunk, the uppermost echelon of the Knights of Karma apart from the founders themselves. That day was probably one of my happiest days that I can remember of. I was also made the the head of the Knights of Colonial Karma and I set out for our own system, Solitude.

Once there, I joined the Colonia Militia Forces, one to keep the area safe and two to improve my combat prowess in a low risk environment. I didn't want to destroy my shiny Fer-de-Lance in the middle of nowhere.

But our 1 year anniversary of the formation of the group was fast approaching. CMDR Blood Drunk went ahead and prepared a community goal for all to participate in order to build a mining asset for us. I had to return back to the bubble as fast as possible. The goal was a success and we were able to build the asset. It was another feather to our cap.

Which puts me where I stand now. A nice home, great friends, lots of assets and a future to look forward to.