Time flies! It seems like yesterday when I scrambled over to Solitude to protect our assets after it fell to foreign hands. Things are stable and looking good, not so for the bubble though. What were rumours half a year ago is very much real. The Thargoids are here and with an agenda to cause mayhem. There have been reports of Thargoid presence in the core systems and this does not bode well for humanity. So, after 5 months I am finally returning back to Qa'wakana. Along with CMDR Roudybeest.

He came over to Solitude a few days ago, which is not his first trip. He told that he would start his return journey shortly and I took the oppurtunity to tag along. But to be honest, I am short on cash, for various reasons including the transfer of lots of engineered modules for my Type-9. So, we decided to make this a short expedition where we will be visiting some of the wonders along the way to the bubble.

Colonia nebula from the perspective of CMDR Roudybeest
Image by CMDR Roudybeest

I am making my to the first waypoint where I will meet up with CMDR Roudybeest as I write this. Hopefully this will be a successful trip.