The Formidine Rift! Roughly meaning the rift of fear. The name itself sent chills down the spine of those who had any idea what those words meant. For years, the existence of the Formidine Rift was talked about in hushed voices while daredevil explorers spent months looking for anything out of ordinary. All met with failure. All until a year back!

The Formidine Rift was discovered when an unregistered beacon was found in a system 10,000 LY away from the bubble. This also indicated to 2 other locations, the Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux and the Hawking's Gap. All 3 locations exhibited the same outlook. Deserted and dead silent. Absolutely deserted bases were found on planets, lifeless except for some comms logs. These logs provided a chilling story behind the mystery.

All this mystery was the result of a backup plan undertaken by a secret group of individuals to protect humanity in the event of a thargoid invasion, something we are starting to fear more and more as days pass by. But this secret group purged all information, including those carrying it to protect its secret. But all secrets come to light. And so has the secret behind the Project Dynasty!

While returning from Solitude, the Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux region falls roughly on the way, so me and Roudybeest decided to take some time to visit these deserter sites once more. The deathly silence was still lingering but one needs to physically present to get some perspective on what had happened.

Conflux Beta Site

The project happened when Frame Shift Drives were not developed yet. The have now. This questions the validity of the project as it has become far easier to travel large distances in short time frames and with the advent of the Colonia bubble, humanity, presumably, have a safe haven in the event of a catastrophe.