The last few months have been quite busy. With my newfound drive to recruit new members, I was able to get some fresh blood in our squadron and the same time was able to run a focused event every week.

I realised that we had bad security ratings in some of our backwater systems. So we decided to hold a weekly security operations in a system with bad security state. We had our 3rd session today and I must say that getting back into a wing and fighting the pirate lords was a breath of fresh air for me. CMDR Jorer took most of the heavy lifting while I tried to deliver as much damage I could while shield cell banking.

But then I realised that it was over a year since I had last visited Solitude. It was time for an inspection visit to see if everything was working fine for the Knights of Colonial Karma faction.

Thus I have decided to leave for Solitude sometime this week. I have passed over the reigns to host the weekly sec ops and will be out of the bubble for at least a couple of months. Hopefully I will make my Exploration Elite rank in this trip.