Another year gone. A rather uneventful year, which is not a bad thing of course. This year, I started being more of a diplomat. Diplomacy has its fun moments and its dull moments but I have started to enjoy the company of other CMDRs instead of being a lone explorer.

So, to celebrate the company of other CMDRs in Knights of Karma, we decided that we should have a celebratory event on our anniversary. And what better way than to duke it out in Eagles in a last man standing event. And so we had the 1st Knights of Karma Battle Royal at Qa'wakana on the 9th of June.

It was a fun couple of hours. The eagle being a small nimble ship is a joy to fly and a pain to hit with fixed weaponry. I had a blast, quite literally as I couldn't keep up with the others most of the time and was getting my ship destroyed often. All these months doing diplomacy might have rusted my fighting instincts.

Here is hoping to have another great year with our folks.