Home away from home - Start of a journey

Home away from home - Start of a journey

Everything is packed and I am all set to go.

I planned to take my time, discover a few star systems, maybe an Earth-like World but the news we received was the worst in months.

We were attacked in Solitude and have lost influence rapidly. The attackers, a faction called Infinity's End Deep Space Company had launched a massive attack and were in the process of taking over the system. Looking at the trends it seemed impossible to stop them before reinforcements could be sent.

I left immediately. I made a check of the reinforcements that could be called. CMDR Jorer and CMDR Blood Drunk started preparing their ships for the journey. CMDR Roudybeest was exploring nearby Colonia and a message was dispatched to him. The journey took a day including rest stops but by the time we reached, we had already lost the system. A first in the glorious record of the Knights of Karma.

Whoever these people are, they are probably the worst kind of group. But they have highly underestimated us. They are going to pay for their actions. In full.

Currently, I am preparing my Fer-de-Lance by transferring the modules I engineered. Once ready, we are going to show that it was a really bad idea to mess with us.